Area Rug Cleaning

Child laying on an area rug playing video games

Fine area rugs serve as a beautifying accent to your home, providing elegance and comfort, while also protecting the floor beneath it. They also often get high-volume traffic, and thus require regular cleanings. If not properly kept, your area rug can look old and shabby, defeating their purpose. Big M Services specializes in area rug cleaning. We offer exceptional service at great prices. Our expert technicians been performing rug cleaning for more than 30 years.

Area Rug Cleaning Methods

We have the state-of-the-art tools to clean deep and remove dirt, oil, lint, debris, and stains.Our methods require less water than others, meaning your rugs will dry quickly after the job is done. And, our job isn’t done until you are satisfied. If you’re in need of fine area rug cleaning, our expert technicians can make your area rugs look new again.